Terms of Service

RewardingYourself is an events discovery service and offers users information about different types of events (such as sports, concerts, performing arts, etc.), tickets and services associated with events.

  1. Scope of Service
    1. These terms and conditions are subject to occasional changes and apply to all our services that are directly or indirectly provided (i.e. via third parties) via the internet, on mobile devices, by email or by telephone.
    2. By using our website, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, including the use of cookies.
  2. Services and Contract
    1. On the RewardingYourself website or app, you have the ability to compare third party services via the RewardingYourself system.
    2. In addition, for some events, users have the possibility of purchasing the selected tickets through a direct connection to the ticket sales sites (third parties). As a result, the sale will be made directly on the ticket sales site and not on the RewardingYourself site. In such cases, RewardingYourself is not the ticket operator or the contractual party for the user, but only an agent providing the technical connection to the tickets purchasing site of a third party. By making a purchase on the website of the third party, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of that ticketing site. These terms and conditions can be viewed on the website of the third party. Once a ticketing sale is made on the website of a third party, a contract is concluded between the ticketing sales site and the user, and therefore no contract is concluded between the user and RewardingYourself. RewardingYourself is no contractual party to the tickets purchased and all and any claims of the user under the tickets purchased are to be asserted against the third party (the ticketing purchased site) and not against RewardingYourself.
    3. This agreement is not affected by any other agreements between the tickets and users.
  3. RewardingYourself Membership
    1. Users have the option of joining the RewardingYourself loyalty program (hereafter "membership") and/ or creating a member account within the RewardingYourself Member Area.
    2. Using the RewardingYourself Member Area users have the option to administer and store their preferences. In order to create the account users are being asked to provide personal information. Except for the Users name, no personal information is made visible. For further information, please check our privacy policy. By deleting the account any and all of the User's data will be permanently removed.
    3. A user cannot register multiple times. The user is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their personal information.
    4. The user is responsible for the confidentiality of their user account information, in particular their password. They are also responsible for the use of their account with regard to RewardingYourself and third parties. The user should not divulge this data to the use by third parties.
    5. In the event of unauthorised use of the RewardingYourself services using the wrong username and password, the registered user must notify RewardingYourself immediately.
    6. Loyalty Program General Terms and Conditions

      The RewardingYourself Program is a loyalty marketing program owned and operated by LoyaltyMatch Inc. (hereafter referred to as "RewardingYourself"). The RewardingYourself Program allows members to earn RewardingYourself Points through the purchase of tickets and services from RewardingYourself's partners and redeem RewardingYourself Points for a variety of tickets, merchandise, gift cards, and other rewards.

      In accepting to join or continue your RewardingYourself Membership, you acknowledge that RewardingYourself assumes no contractual or legal responsibility to you.

      By enrolling in the RewardingYourself Program or collecting RewardingYourself Points, you agree to these General Terms and Conditions and you consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
      1. In particular, you acknowledge and accept as a condition of continued membership that:
      2. RewardingYourself points have no monetary value whatsoever and cannot under any circumstances form the basis of a monetary claim against RewardingYourself.
      3. RewardingYourself Membership is limited to natural persons, and no corporation, trust, partnership or other entity may hold membership in the RewardingYourself Program except as may be authorized by RewardingYourself at its sole discretion.
      4. RewardingYourself Points or rewards or any other benefits are personal to the member and cannot be exchanged for cash, assigned, traded, willed or otherwise transferred (other than with the consent of RewardingYourself and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions), and any assignment or transfer in violation of these rules will be void and may, at the discretion of RewardingYourself, result in the loss of membership or the cancellation of the affected reward, benefit or points, as the case may be.
      5. Notwithstanding any of the above, RewardingYourself may, from time to time, in its sole discretion, allow members to do the following:
        1. transfer points to another account
        2. transfer points after death
        3. top up points
        4. reinstate expired points
      6. RewardingYourself assumes no liability to members whatsoever by reason of the termination of, or amendment to, the RewardingYourself Program, in whole or in part.
      7. RewardingYourself specifically reserves the right to unilaterally amend the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions regarding:
        1. the nature of the RewardingYourself Program
        2. partner, supplier, or vendor obligations and liability
        3. rights and liabilities of RewardingYourself or members
        4. communications
        5. enrolment and membership conditions, restrictions and sanctions
        6. the accumulation, redemption, expiry or cancellation of points
        7. characteristics or attributes of points
        8. rights to or associated with points, errors or delays with respect to rewards or the crediting or debiting of points
        9. purchase of points
        10. the termination of the RewardingYourself Program or membership, or the subjects under these General Terms and Conditions that may be amended and the manner of doing so
        11. governing law and jurisdiction.
      8. RewardingYourself will give 30 days' notice of any changes to these General Terms and Conditions, and a comparison illustrating the changes.
      9. If a member does not accept any change, the member may cancel membership in the RewardingYourself Program within 30 days after the effective date of the change, by way of notice to RewardingYourself, without cost, penalty or cancellation indemnity.
      10. RewardingYourself assumes no liability with respect to rewards claimed, and in particular, shall have no responsibility for the delay or failure to deliver rewards or for their cancellation, damage or defects. You agree that RewardingYourself and any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or representatives are not responsible for, and you release us and them from any and all liability arising as a result of, any accident, loss, injury or damage caused by any rewards supplied or requested in connection with the RewardingYourself Program.
      11. RewardingYourself or its partners may refuse reward redemptions, reverse reward redemptions already claimed, or deduct points from a member's account where the redemption is based on an error in the mileage required for the redemption or an error in the amount of points credited to an account, whether that error occurred through an act or omission of RewardingYourself or one of its partners or suppliers. Each RewardingYourself Member consents to the disclosure of the account information that is necessary or useful to achieve the reversal.
      12. RewardingYourself Membership is a privilege that can be revoked by RewardingYourself at its discretion at any time and without compensation including, without limitation, abuse by the member of any of these General Terms and Conditions or any other actions deemed by RewardingYourself, acting in its sole discretion, to be deleterious to RewardingYourself, the RewardingYourself Program or the interests of its partners or suppliers.
      13. In order to accumulate or redeem RewardingYourself Points, you must be an RewardingYourself Member in good standing.
      14. From time to time, members may receive personalized offers or exclusive offers extended to certain segments of our membership or selected members.
      15. Members can withdraw consent to receive marketing material at any time by updating their profile at RewardingYourself.com, by unsubscribing from any email or by contacting the RewardingYourself Member Centre.
      16. Members shall be responsible for any taxes, departure fees, security charges, levies or other charges imposed by or with the authority of any government or governmental authority in respect to any rewards or benefit; any surcharge imposed by a service; and any service fee imposed by RewardingYourself.
      17. RewardingYourself and all companies affiliated with RewardingYourself will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, by email or otherwise.
      18. RewardingYourself does not own, manage, operate or control any ticketing company, nor is it responsible for any ticketing activities relating to, and including, event schedules, seat selection, applicable fees, event changes, and event cancellations.
      19. Except as otherwise authorized by RewardingYourself, a member must enroll individually, only once, using his/her full legal name. Membership is solely for the benefit of the individual, therefore it will be maintained in the name of an individual.
      20. RewardingYourself Points in an account belong to the account holder, and not to the person or company who paid for the event ticket.
      21. Each member is responsible for keeping up to date on the RewardingYourself Program, the amount of RewardingYourself Points in his/her account and his/her accumulation and redemption activities by consulting RewardingYourself.com. RewardingYourself shall not be liable for the member's failure to do so.
      22. Each member is responsible for ensuring that all contact information given to RewardingYourself is current. RewardingYourself, its partners, suppliers and affiliates, shall not be liable for misdirected or delayed communications such as mail or email, or any consequences thereof.
      23. Your account information may only be given to you or a person authorized by you, unless otherwise authorized or required by law.
      24. Proper legal documentation may be required from all members requesting a name change.
      25. RewardingYourself Membership terminates upon the death or personal bankruptcy of the member.
      26. RewardingYourself will be the final authority as to whether any itinerary qualifies under the Terms and Conditions of the RewardingYourself Program.
      27. No waiver by either RewardingYourself or you of any breach or default hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default. If any provisions contained herein shall be determined to be void, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such termination shall not affect the remaining provisions contained herein.
  4. Privacy, Email Advertisements
    1. The protection of personal data provided by the user is of the highest priority for RewardingYourself. As such, RewardingYourself makes every effort to ensure compliance with data protection. For more information, please read our privacy policy.
    2. RewardingYourself collects, processes and uses your personal data (hereafter "data") only if we have obtained your consent or a statutory provision allows for the collection, processing or use of your data.
    3. RewardingYourself will only raise, process and use data necessary for the provision of the services rendered by RewardingYourself, for the use and operation of the websites / apps and the services offered.
    4. If the user has agreed to receive information about RewardingYourself during registration for the Community or at another time using RewardingYourself's services, the user will receive periodic product information. The consent may be revoked at any time by written communication or by email. The consent to receive emails follows after the confirmation email from RewardingYourself is sent. By clicking on the link in the email, you will be registered to receive newsletters.
  5. User Obligations
    1. The user guarantees not to use the RewardingYourself services to create content that:
      • is advertising disguised as reviews,
      • does not have specific content for a reviewed item,
      • is not objective or intentionally untrue,
      • immoral, pornographic or in any other way offensive,
      • infringes upon the rights of third parties, in particular copyright,
      • violates applicable laws in any way or constitutes a criminal offense,
      • contains viruses or other computer programmes that may damage software or hardware or that may affect the use of computers,
      • is a survey or chain letter,
      • is aimed at collecting or using personal data from other users, especially for commercial purposes.
    2. The user guarantees not to use programs or functions to generate automated page impressions or content on RewardingYourself.
    3. If there is a breach in the terms and conditions, RewardingYourself reserves the right to remove content without declaration of reason, to withhold payments earned in the RewardingYourself Community and to permanently ban members from RewardingYourself. The right to prosecution of criminal acts remains unaffected.
  6. Termination
    1. RewardingYourself reserves the right to terminate a user's access and to delete their registration within a period of one week after receipt of relevant information via email about improper use of the website. The user may also terminate their own access and registration within the same period.
    2. The right to immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected.
  7. Liability
    1. RewardingYourself is not liable for the accuracy, quality, completeness, reliability or credibility of content provided by users and/or booking sites. In particular, there is no advice or information from RewardingYourself regarding the selection of accommodations.
    2. All agreements that arise through this service are between the RewardingYourself user and the respective external contracting booking site. In particular, RewardingYourself does not act as organiser or travel agency at any time. The terms and conditions of the respective organiser or travel agency apply exclusively, especially regarding the right to cancel and to withdraw. The contact for the processing of bookings and payments, as well as questions about the contract, is the respective contracting booking site. RewardingYourself remains uninvolved in such contractual arrangements, agreements and claims between the RewardingYourself user and the respective external contracting booking site.
    3. RewardingYourself does not verify the accuracy of content uploaded by ticketing sites or the members of the Community. This content is provided by ticketing sites/Community for publication on our website with reference to the respective tickets. RewardingYourself has no influence on this information (in particular images, comments, reviews, etc.). The publication of user-generated content and reports on RewardingYourself does not reflect the opinion of RewardingYourself, in particular, RewardingYourself does not claim this content as its own.
    4. RewardingYourself is not liable for technical malfunctions for which the cause is not within RewardingYourself's sphere of responsibility or for damages caused by force majeure. RewardingYourself does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of data and may perform technical maintenance during a freely chosen time period.
  8. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
    The current terms and conditions when using RewardingYourself apply. Registered users receive notifications about changes by email. Users may download and print the current terms and conditions on their own computer system.
  9. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
    The laws of Ontario apply.